On The Face

My name is Lydia, and I am thirty-four, married, and have two kids. Finally, I gave up to hubby's demand of a threesome and agreed to have one with him, myself, and another male friend he had in mind. I dressed for the night and waited for the hubby to arrive back with his friend around 11:00 PM as he had promised. The kids were at my mom's place. But the naughty fellow played a trick and went home with four more guys, knowing I couldn't take so many at all. Finally, all of them settled for just oral sex. After I had done them very nicely, each one of them finished on my lovely face. I was not allowed to wipe off, not even after the last one had completed. Including my hubby, I had to take five of them on my face. But, since one fellow did it twice, it became six.

— Lydia, 34

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