The Magic Remains

Several months ago, I traveled to another city to be the matron of honor at the wedding of my sister. My husband had a deadline to meet for his job, so I made the trip alone. At the rehearsal dinner, I met the groom's brother, Troy, who was to be the best man. We got along very well, and I enjoyed my time with him. I must admit that my thoughts drifted to Troy more than once after I returned to my hotel room. The next day was very busy as we all got ready for the wedding itself. Fortunately, everything went smoothly, and the reception was great. Troy and I spent a lot of time together, and we danced most of the dances with each other. As the evening wore on, he began holding me very close as we danced. I must admit it felt very good to be held close, and when he started to nuzzle my neck I had to remind him that I was married. After the reception ended, I allowed Troy to walk me back to my hotel room. We were alone in the elevator, and he put his arm around me and held me very close. It felt so very good. When he kissed me, I told myself a little good-night kiss would be okay. When we got to my room, I decided it would be okay if I invited him in for a few minutes since I really was enjoying his attentions. The door closed behind us, and Troy took me in his arms and gave me a very gentle, lingering kiss. Then we kissed again, with increased passion, and pretty soon we were tongue kissing. My head was swimming. I should mention that for some time the kisses from my husband have been nothing special. But this kissing was getting me very excited. We sat on the edge of the bed and continued to kiss. Then Troy unzipped my dress and it dropped to my waist. He unhooked my lace bra, and within moments my entire upper body was available to him. I remember thinking that I had not planned for things to go this far, but those thoughts vanished as Troy explored my upper body. I realized I was breathing very fast and I felt flushed. My husband had never made me feel this good. At one point, Troy guided my hand to his lap. I felt his hardness and quickly unbuckled his belt. He told me he was going to make love to me. I totally surrendered my body to him at that point, and he did me orally. That continued for quite some time, except that I wanted more. I told him I wanted him to make total love to me. And so, he repositioned himself and I was in total bliss. I felt so good as we curled up together afterwards. However, we slept very little as we repeated our lovemaking throughout the night. It was with great regret that I returned home the next day. Now, Troy will visit me whenever my husband travels on business, and the magic remains.

— Francis, 34

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