Sweet Revenge

I had a casual relationship with this guy. He was working with my friend. Anyway, he started seeing one of his colleagues, but she was not sure whether the two of us were an item. So, she and my friend decided that it would be a good idea if my friend informed me regularly about their relationship. I got fed-up with this and decided to teach them a lesson. I thought that I could do them a favor by placing an ad which advertised his house as being up for sale. I also informed each and every person that the two of them were married. I used their office number and mobiles so the two of them were answering calls like crazy, eventually just repeating to the callers that the house was sold. I also called just to hear the irritation in their voices. He got angry and confronted my friend (which she deserved). She told me about everything that had been going on between them, not knowing, of course, that I was responsible for the whole mess. I told her afterwards, though. I lost the friendship, but so what? I'm glad she got what she deserved. What kind of friend was she anyway? The funniest part is that he never approached me, and I know that she told him that I was responsible. This is what you call sweet revenge.

— Yvette, 29

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