Sex With The Neighbor

Well, I have been having sex with the neighbor for two years. I know it sounds really awful, but he's really hot. The first time it happened was at his high school graduation party. My parents got really drunk and went home. They told me just to walk home when I wanted to leave. Well, I'd been giving Chris these really sexy looks all night. When everybody left and his parents went to bed, he invited me into his room. I couldn't help but accept. At first we talked, and then he started to ask me about my sexual experiences. Very sexily I whispered, "Kiss me, and you'll find out." So, he proceeded to kiss me, and it was the best kiss I'd had in my life. The kiss got hotter, and then he reached down and gave my beautiful breasts a nice massage. I could feel he was excited, so I reached down and returned the favor. He then took off my shirt, my bra, and other clothes, and then gave me really good oral. I returned the favor and we had sex for about three hours! Now every time he comes home we hook up, and it gets better each time.

— Trisha, 20

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