Calling It Even

I was in a three-year relationship with a married man. Knowing this was going nowhere, I had an affair with some guy at work. I loved the idea of having him there. We had our long and kinky lunches. He was also married. Knowing that my at-the-time boyfriend would never leave his wife or make any type of future with me, I didn't really care. I gave in to this guy at work who was a better kisser. I was into his kissing and the foreplay. When we finally slept together, it disappointed me and sort of ended it. He was upset and sad, and he felt he gave me too much. So, he arranged for us to meet and for my boyfriend at the time to see us. He was successful. He caught us and confronted me. Of course, I denied it all. He still accepted me for awhile, but it was never the same again. I felt dirty, but yet I didn't care because who knows what he did at home. Nothing, he insists, but come on. I am not stupid. So, I thought, knowing all of the consequences, I convinced him that I had been sort of forced. He gave me the benefit of the doubt, but then it backfired on me! My boyfriend called the guy at work and confronted him, and the idiot confessed to our little secret. I was upset, of course, but most importantly I lost my boyfriend over it. So, I took revenge and went to the guy at work's house and left a note to his wife for her to call me in regards to her husband. Smartly, she didn't, but instead she confronted him. He kept calling me nonstop looking for answers. Of course, I didn't answer, but I felt a lot better knowing he was ruined. After all, he ruined my relationship, too. So, I call it even.

— Nikki, 24

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