An Arousing Massage

I'm twenty-five, and my step-brother, Bryan, is eighteen. I had graduated from massage school and was required to demonstrate my abilities to my employer. I asked Bryan if he wanted to be my test case. He agreed, and we went to the appointment on Monday evening. When we arrived at the massage parlor, Bryan was escorted to a room by one of the female employees while the female owner interviewed me. When she was finished, she took me to where Bryan was so I could demonstrate my technique. When I entered the room, Bryan was lying on his stomach in the nude without a towel. I was embarrassed but did not want to make a big deal of it in front of my perspective employer. I began the session and, after a while, I forgot my embarrassment until it was time for Bryan to turn onto his back. When Bryan turned over, I really blushed and gasped when I saw Bryan's manhood almost fully aroused. The owner jokingly commented, "Sorry, no happy endings at my shop." I finished the massage and got the job. I have to admit that I became very aroused at seeing my step-brother aroused by me.

— Angela, 25

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