Showing The Ropes

Okay, I know this is going to be so scandalous. I've never told anyone. One day, I was coming home from school (I'm a college freshman), and I decided that I was too goody-goody needed to spice up my life. I was still a virgin then. So, I went to a night club and met this incredibly hot waiter with a tight butt and bulge in front. Well, I got him to bring me quite a few drinks. Finally, I started talking to him and then feeling him up. He didn't mind at all! He just sat down at the bar with me and unzipped his pants right there. I was wearing this tight black leather miniskirt and my g-string. So, it was pretty easy for him to start doing me right there. We got it on! I was screaming (remember, I was a virgin) and moaning, and he looked pleased. A little while later, another hot chick came up and decided to cut in on us! But that was okay. Her breasts were amazing. I loved it, and to this day I still have sex almost every night. It doesn't matter who with! My favorite place is still a hot nightclub. Needless to say, I dropped out of college and am now having the time of my life teaching a sex tutoring school where I get it on and show students all the ropes.

— Carlie, 23

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