Son's Girlfriend

My husband and I decided to plan a camping trip with some friends. The first couple invited was completely boring, but they were friends of my husband's, so I had to put up with them. The second family was good friends of ours, and our children were friends with each other. This man and I had been flirting for several months, but we were both married so we never pursued anything but sexual glances to each other. The man had recently separated from his wife, so she didn't go camping. One night during our trip, everyone was exhausted from swimming all day so the kids and adults all went to sleep in their tents, all except for this male friend and me. He started telling me about how when he was younger; he'd skinny dip all summer. "Big deal," I said, and stood up and walked over to the lake. I removed my clothes and turned around to see the expression on his face. He was shocked to see me there naked. He got up, undressed, and got into the lake with me! I was so nervous but tried to act as though being naked with him was no big deal. He took my hand and placed it on him. I swam closer to him, and we began kissing. I had waited for so long to feel his soft lips, and now I was! My head was spinning. I wanted more! We swam over to the shoreline. "Turn around", he whispered in my ear. Just then, the campers next to ours came out of their tent. They must have heard us splashing as we grinded on each other. We quietly slipped out of the water, put our clothes on, and lay down by the fire as if nothing had happened. My "friend" put his hand into my sleeping bag, and pleasured me like no one has over done. We're going camping again in three weeks, and I will take care of him next time! I never knew camping could be so fun!

— Greta, 42

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