Oral Is My Thing!

I absolutely love oral sex! A few years back, I was in my apartment and I got bored, so I invited some friends over. I didn't really have any girl friends, so they were all guys. Three of my friends came over to drink and play cards. We started drinking and laughing and playing cards and just having a good time. After a few hours, one of my friends left. So now, there were two left at my house. We decided to try and watch a movie. We got sidetracked because we were just talking and drunk by this time, and sex became the subject. I was telling them what my favorite sex position is and they shared theirs. I also told them how oral sex makes me crazy! They started to get turned on and asked if I would be willing to perform oral sex on them. Just by the conversation, I was already pretty excited, so I said yes. Ben and I started kissing and feeling each others bodies. As he ran his hands down my body, I tingled all over. That really turned him on and Nathan, my other friend, was pleasuring himself as he watched. I then got on my knees, unbuttoned Ben's jeans, and took them off. Oh, he was so excited! I gave him oral sex right there. By this time, Nathan got a little impatient and came up to me. His blue eyes just sparkled at me. Before he let me give him oral, he took off my clothes and put me on the edge of my couch. I was so excited with anticipation by this time because I knew what he was going to do. He then got down and very slowly began giving me oral. By this time, Ben was ready to join in. He came over to me and they gave me oral together. My whole body was in extreme ecstasy. Then, Nathan stood up and I returned the favor. I told him that I needed sex with him right now, so he sat on the couch and I nearly jumped on him. Then Ben came up behind us and joined in. It was wild! They both stopped and did more oral on me, taking turns. Finally after about two hours of this, I took turns with them and finished them off with regular sex. What a night! I will say that I love oral sex so much I would almost pay someone to do it to me! We never did that again but it is a very naughty memory that when I think about it, I have to pleasure myself.

— Erin, 23

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