The Boss Sends Him Packing

I am in love with my husband's boss. My affair with Kent began several months ago. My husband and I were at Kent's home for a party to celebrate a successful year. The party was a lot of fun except that my husband was drinking quite a bit and got very intoxicated. At the end of the evening, we were the only guests remaining. My husband was to the point where he needed to sleep off his excess, but I was concerned I would not be able to get my husband home and inside all by myself. Kent was gracious enough to offer to help me get him home. So, I drove home with my husband and Kent followed. It was quite a job, but the two of us managed to get him inside and onto the couch. I thanked Kent, and then we chatted for a few minutes over a cup of coffee. Kent was telling me what a great employee my husband is, and then said that we must be very happy together. I told him things were okay but that my husband worked so many hours I often felt neglected. He told me my husband was crazy for neglecting me. We both looked at my husband asleep on the couch. At that point, Kent gave me a very gentle kiss. We didn't plan it. It just happened. Then we kissed again. My mouth opened so that his tongue could explore my mouth. Finally, I just took him by the hand and we headed for my bedroom. We undressed each other and within moments, our bodies were locked together in a very intense encounter. After it was over, we laid together and cuddled. Then we made love again, only the intensity of the first encounter was replaced by tender affection as my body melded together with his. Neither of us wanted things to end, but my husband by this time was beginning to come out of his slumber. So, Kent left. Over the next couple of months, Kent and I continued to see each other, but it was never enough. Then my husband came home and announced that he had a new position with his company. It meant a lot more money but also a lot more travel. Kent called the next day to ask if I liked the new arrangements. Sure enough, a week later my husband left on a three week out-of-town trip. Kent and I lived together during that period and enjoyed sex every day. That was only the beginning. My husband now travels about two-thirds of the time, and Kent and I live together as if we were husband and wife while my husband travels. I take care of his every need. Fortunately, Kent makes sure my husband spends a lot of time traveling.

— Marietta, 28

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