Fun With Friend's Husband

My friend's husband flirts with me all the time. One night, we drank too much. While we were in a pool at our friend's party, he was touching me at the same time we were talking to his wife. It felt so good that I didn't want him to stop. It took every part of me not to react while talking to his wife. She had no idea that her husband had his hand in my bikini bottom while we were chatting. It was so hot! Another night, a bunch of us went to a bar. This place was so crowded, and we were all pressed up against each other. Well of course my friend's husband found his way up my skirt and, oh my, it was so unbelievably hot! Right there with everyone around us, he was touching me and I didn't want the night to end! We now always look for places to get away with him making me feel good. He enjoys the way I feel and I enjoy his hands! So much fun!

— Sarah, 26

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