Sneaky Sex All The Time

I have been having an affair with my ex co-worker, Kyle, for three years. He's married and rarely has sex with his wife, so this is where I come in. We meet for coffee in the morning, lunch, and then after work almost every day! Kyle's wife has no idea that I exist, so it's very easy for him to get away with this. I have a boyfriend, Tony, and have no intentions of ending it with him. Sometimes I have sex with both of them in the same day and neither one knows about it, but that's what makes it so exciting. One time, I had sex with three men in one day! First, Kyle in the morning, and then again at lunch. Later on that same day, I went to a party and my friend's husband, Rob, had a little fun with me in the hot tub with everyone around. I couldn't believe it as I felt his hand on my inner thigh heading for my hot spot. His wife was sitting next to him and she didn't even notice. Eight of us were in the hot tub, and no one noticed his hands touching me under the bubbles. Very exciting! After that, I went home and had sex with my boyfriend. As bad as that was, it felt so good! After that night, Rob has been trying to touch me again and telling me how great I felt. We've only had one other opportunity and I think about that night all the time. We were in a crowded bar, Rob stood behind me and he had his hand up my skirt, feeling me while I was talking to my boyfriend, Tony. Tony had no idea how excited I was until later that night when I attacked him and we had wild sex! I think about that night all the time and I just can't feel guilty about it because I know I would do it again. It was way too much fun, so how could I stop!?!

— Morgan, 32

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