The Party After The Party

My boyfriend and I have been dating for only a few months. When we first found out our feelings for each other, we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. He and I are very passionate in everything we do. We've yet to have sex, but it has gotten very far and probably won't be long. But the thing is, a few days ago he was over at my house. It was a big party and everyone showed up, including family members. We decided that since so many people had attended, we would sneak out and get a little naughty in the front. It was too dark where I live, so it wouldn't have mattered since no one would see. Well, we were on the side of the house and getting really into it. He is the greatest kisser in the world. Everywhere he touches just sends chills. He started unzipping my pants because I love when my hips are kissed. He was rubbing and kissing them when I could hear my six-year-old niece and a few other people calling for me. It was my house and my party. They were walking around looking for me. I didn't want him to stop. I wanted him right there. So, we kept going at it. Right when things got steamy, my niece opened the fence on the side of the house to find us. I was so embarrassed! I grabbed her and said, "Surprise! You found me!" to her. She laughed and asked questions about the clothing apparel while my boyfriend was behind me trying to get his composure. I simply told her that I was trying to freshen up because she was taking too long to find me. Needless to say, I had to go back to the party without having the type of fun I so desirably wanted. But, I do have to say, my boyfriend teased me the whole night while no one was looking. He played around with me under tables, in corners, while we were dancing, etc. He knows how to touch me, and that's why he stayed after the party ended.

— Nancy, 28

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