Secret Fondling

There were six of us standing outside on a patio, watching a thunderstorm. My friend's husband Shawn was standing next to me and sort of behind me. As I was talking to my friends, including my boyfriend, I felt Shawn's hand find his way up my skirt. It felt so good that I spread my legs open slightly to make it easier for him. At one point, his wife came to the screen door where I was standing, but she could only see the front of me. No one could see Shawn's hand up my skirt while he looked over my shoulder to have a conversation with his wife. He actually went deeper inside of me at this point. It felt so good and it was so exciting to be fondled in front of unsuspecting friends. This was the fourth time we have gotten away with him fondling me while hanging out with his wife, my boyfriend, and our friends. Wherever we go, we constantly try to find a way for him to sneak a feel and I can't wait till the next stormy night!

— Annie, 32

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