Attracting The Strange Ones

Why do I always attract strange men? I met this cute guy in a night club with my sister. He had a great smile, was very bright, had a great job, and was good looking in a naughty cute way. We dated for over six months and the sex was amazing, simply the stuff of legends. We went everywhere, did everything together, and tried every conceivable position. Have you heard of the Kama sutra? Well that was us. Then the stuff hit the ceiling. The next thing I know, I have friends asking me, "Hey, what is the deal with your web page?" "I don't have a web page," I replied. It turned out the low life had written online diaries exposing all the juicy details of our secret sexual life and hot encounters. When I confronted him, he said that all he wanted to do was to express himself creatively. Even though he betrayed my trust, I have to give it to him. The stories were damn good, but at least he could've told me rather than going behind my back.

— Jacquelyn, 24

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