A Major Loss

I had a best friend that was in a long-tem relationship leading to marriage. I was to be her matron of honor. One day, her fiancé came to my house. He said he needed someone to talk to and proceeded to complain to me about my best friend. Well, one thing led to another, and we had two days worth of mediocre sex. At one point, I was talking to my best friend on the phone about her wedding plans while, at the same time, I was in bed with her husband-to-be. My tryst with my friend's fiancé happened only that one weekend. Shortly after, they got married, and I stood as her matron of honor. A few years went by and everything was fine. Nothing was ever spoken about what we had done that one weekend before their wedding. So, it was a completely unexpected shock to me when one day my friend stormed into my house and hollered these words to me, "It is bad enough that you betrayed my loyalty, but you had to make it worse and stand tall next to me and be my matron of honor and let me marry him!" Their marriage ended because of me. Although I felt horribly for what I had done with her fiancé all those years ago, the worst was yet to come. I can't describe the pain I felt when my best friend in the whole world looked at me and said, "You and I are no longer best friends! After sixteen years, I can't believe you stood in God's house right next to me as my matron of honor and didn't honor our 'Best Friend Code'." It has been twelve years since I last saw my best friend, and I really miss her a lot. I wish I could change all that I did that was so wrong. For what it's worth, I have learned a valuable lesson from the mistake I made that cost me a friendship. Now, as far as sex is concerned, I have to admit I'm easy. I just love sex. But I have learned that guys are just terrible and will take advantage of girls like me. I learned that my love for sex came at a big price that to this day I'm still paying for. So, girls, don't sacrifice your friendships for a jerk.

— Roshanda, 38

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