Road Trip

About ten of our friends were going out to a restaurant, so we had to pile into two cars. My friend's husband, Marcus, found a way to sit next to me in the back seat. I was sitting in the middle and Marcus was to my left. I was wearing a very short dress and he was checking me out long before we got in the car. While I was speaking to my friend Don who was sitting to my right, I felt Marcus's hand making its way between my thighs. I was shocked for a moment, but decided to just go with it. I lifted my leg so he could reach me more easily. He then started to touch me while I was talking to my friend Don. It was such a turn on! What turned me on even more was that Don was looking right at me talking and he had no idea how great Marcus's fingers felt. I couldn't wait to get back in that car for round two! This time he was sitting to my right and I was so glad that we had to make a stop at a store before getting home. It took every part of me not to scream with joy. I can't wait till our next road trip!

— Heather, 22

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