Very Extreme Measures

I am twenty-seven years old, and I'm a virgin saving myself for my wedding night. I had a boyfriend/fiancé for six years. We never had sex, but we were looking forward to doing it once we were married. I set my boyfriend up one night with a high-class hooker. She cost me $700.00. My friends helped me to devise a plan. My one friend went on the internet and chatted with my boyfriend and pretended to be a secret admirer. This went on for close to three weeks. Then my fiancé and his "secret admirer" made plans to meet each other. This is where the hooker came in. I paid her to play along as the secret admirer and to encourage my fiancé along. The meeting was to take place at a hotel. I made all the preparations for their meeting, including a hidden video camera I placed in their hotel room. Right from the start he was dishonest with me. He told me that he had to be at work during this time to finish some paperwork related to an overseas project he had been working on. He said he'd see me the following day. So, the next morning, I went to the hotel room and busted my fiancé in bed with a call girl. She quaintly got out of bed as I just stood there and stared into space. My entire world fell apart on that day. I left without saying a word to him. Despite his repeated calls and many gifts, I refused to talk to him. Then, after about eight weeks, I was ready to confront him. I went over to his house wearing nothing but a long jacket and the video tape of his night with the call girl. I played him along when I got there. I told him that I wanted him to take my virginity. He got all excited. I took off my jacket so that I stood there completely naked. He quickly got naked, too. Then I told him I wanted to tie him to the bed. So, he let me, and boy did I tie him up good! Then I just walked around the room yelling at him for what he had done to me. He wanted me to untie him, but I refused. I had other things in mind for him. So, as he lie naked and tied to the bed, I put in the recording of him having sex with the call girl. Then I picked up his phone and rang a company overseas where a friend of mine works. My friend had agreed to help me out in advance by answering the call when it came, and to leave the phone line open once she had picked it up. When I had finished with that, I turned and told him that I might be a fluffy virgin diva, but I know that some day when I'm completely over this I will be the better person. Then I walked out. About two weeks later, I got a call from a mutual friend of ours who told me that my ex spent three days tied up, naked, and a $6000.00 long-distance phone bill before he was found that way by his mother when he didn't show up for work. Hey, I figure if a guy wants to act like a dog, then he deserves to get treated like one. I learned that extreme measures are sometimes useful. I know for sure now because they saved me. This was a plan that I would use again for sure.

— Rashanna, 27

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