His Crazy Ex

When I met Kyle, he was perfect; built, blonde, and incredibly handsome. Unfortunately, he also had a crazy ex-girlfriend who stopped eating for two months after her dumped her - and they'd dated for just a month! We lived in different cities for work over the summer, but this September moved back to the same city for college. Two days after we got back in town, his ex had lured him into her bed. They'd had sex and gotten back together. I wasn't having any of that and immediately started seeing someone else. Well, Kyle and I went to a football game together and he was so drunk he nearly passed out. Even so, he insisted on walking me back to my place afterwards. It was there that, after a lot of me saying "no," we ended up making out. He wanted to have sex, but I drew the line and told him to go home. That Monday I got an email from him. He said he was sorry, but he loved his crazy ex and was staying with her. I asked him if she knew about me and he said no. I called him yesterday to see if he was going to a mutual friend's party tonight. He said he was, and that I shouldn't because his crazy ex read his email and knew about me. I won't go, but I'll never forgive him for not erasing those emails knowing she was a snoop or her for being so clingy and jealous. They are welcome to each other and I'll keep on with the extremely handsome football player that I recently met. All I have to hope is that I don't meet the crazy ex in the street and have her go all Xena on me!

— Margo, 22

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