Husband And Friend Do Me Again

A few weeks ago, my husband and his friend stripped me naked and I had sex with both them. Well, it happened again. My husband's friend stopped by one Friday night just to talk. The kids were at my mother's house for the night, so we were all alone. Neither of us wanted to bring up our earlier threesome, so it went unsaid. As the evening wore on, the sexual tension between us began to mount. I really wanted to do both of them. So, I went over to the couch where my husband was sitting and sat on his lap. I immediately felt his passion begin to rise as he lifted my shirt and began to expose me to his friend. Well, that was all it took. His friend quickly moved over to the couch and lifted my shirt up over my head. My husband grabbed my hands and pulled them back over my head in a restraining manner. He continued to restrain me while his friend and I had sex. When he was done, my husband then had sex with me. The sex was even hotter than our first threesome. It felt great. The next time, my husband wants to include another friend giving me three men to satisfy.

— Misty, 36

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