First Love Story

When I was younger, one person came into my life. He was fifty-seven years old and he was rich. My family was poor and we always needed money. I'm a beautiful girl with a good figure, long black hair, and brown yes. This person was neighbor and when I would go outside, he would talk to me. He told me if I ever needed help, financial or anything else, I should just ask him. After some time, we ran into each other and I offered to stay at his house with him. His house was very big and filled with all the essentials. He offered me bedroom. I agreed with the condition that he will pay me pocket money along with all the expenses of my home. He was willing, so I surrendered to him. After that, we had sex daily. I eventually fell with in love with him. After two years, he got remarried and asked to me to come live near him. I refused and told him he must be faithful to his wife. This is my first love story.

— Shanti, 21

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