I Like Feet Too

I don't have a fetish because I don't have to do it in order to get aroused and have sex. But, I noticed I have a thing for my husband's feet. Once I wash them and file them down for him, they look decent enough. I have always wanted to suck, lick, and kiss his feet. I won't say foot worship because there is not trace of dominion and submission. I just want to let him know that I really love his feet. He doesn't want me to touch them or anything. He thinks they are ugly. I would also like it if he would suck and lick my feet, but he never has done that. I mentioned to him about sucking on toes, etc. and he said he never knew a freak like that before. You can see that if I ever told him what my desires are, he would think I am a freak. My husband works long hours and is probably exhausted. I am dying to touch him, but he never wants me. He tries to find things to keep him occupied to avoid me wanting to touch him and have sex. I would at least like to touch his feet and massage them, but he doesn't want me too.

— Zahrah, 25

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