If Not For His Big, Dumb Wife

I have been married for ten years. My husband and I have a friend who has been married for three years to a big, dumb bore of a wife. I always had a thing for our friend, and he has always flirted heavily with me. Nothing ever happened between us, but I have often thought about it. So, the years passed by, and we moved to another state. Last summer while on vacation without my husband, I stopped to stay a couple of days at his house. His big, dumb wife, who was pregnant, was out of town. My husband and I had been having problems, and I was basically sick of his crap. I was telling our friend about this as we were sitting on his couch. He started rubbing my feet, and eventually I said the words, "I have always had a little crush on you." Well, that was all it took. He started licking my toes and then running his hands up my legs. He said he was shocked and said he never knew I had a crush on him. Needless to say, it took all of about five minutes before he was extremely excited. We ended up doing everything but the deed. We went on to have fun for two nights. Everything was great for about a month afterwards. We talked on the phone, flirted, and had phone sex. He even went so far as to say he was going to give his big, dumb wife a huge lump sum of cash and divorce her when she turned forty. We even planned a vacation with our families together so we could see each other. Then, all of a sudden, he said he had to focus on his wife as she was getting ready to give birth to their second child. Fair enough, I mean I totally understood. Well, then I rarely heard from him unless I called him. So, finally I stopped calling him. Eventually, I did call him again. To make a long story short, he said to me, "I really want you to stay married to my best friend. When we go on vacation together, will you give me oral sex? I don't know how we'll get away from our spouses, but I'll think of something." He actually said that. All I said was, "The jury is still out on that one." I have spoken to him since then and he asked me again, "So, am I going to get oral sex?" I called him today basically because I wanted him to ask me again so I could tell him that there was no way that was happening since his wife never gives him any. As my luck would have it, he answered his cell while he was at his house and his big, dumb wife was there. I am really pissed off because he was honestly one of my best friends, and I know how he treats women. I knew a lot of the girls he dated when he was single and they all said the same thing about him being a big womanizer. But I always stuck up for him because he always treated me like a princess, even when he had a girlfriend. In fact, when he and his big, dumb wife were engaged, they called off their wedding and she asked me to "take care of him because I know you mean a lot to him." I won't end my friendship with him, but I really want to get the chance to tell him he's a jerk.

— Denise, 38

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