Torn Between Brothers

I am really confused. I recently went to a party with my fiancé. However, after we had been there for a while, he got a page and had to go into work. I was really disappointed, but he arranged to have his brother, who was also there, take me home after the party. Around midnight, his brother drove me home, and I invited him in for a cup of coffee. As I was preparing coffee, his brother came up behind me, put his arms around me, and told me how lucky my brother was to be marrying me. Then he kissed the back of my neck. That felt so good, and I sort of pressed up against him. He nuzzled my neck. I was really enjoying that, and then his hands began to gently stroke me. I told him his brother (my fiancé) might not approve. He pointed out that his brother wasn't here to object. I turned around, and our lips met in a very passionate kiss. I forgot about the coffee and led him to my big oversized couch. It wasn't very long before I found ecstasy. Afterwards, we went into my bedroom where we quickly undressed each other. As we got into bed, I remember thinking that the only man who had been in this bed with me was my fiancé, but now I was also going to share it with his brother. We were kissing, and then we united in total physical harmony. The thing is, he satisfied me in ways that my fiancé had never done. We played all night long. The next morning I made us breakfast. But, we didn't even finish breakfast before we were back in bed together. By the time he left, I was totally exhausted, but had a huge smile on my face. But now I'm confused. My fiancé's brother is coming over about three times a week. Sometimes I tell my fiancé I'm going out with my girlfriend, but I'm really planning to have his brother over for sex. I love my fiancé, but his brother is really a lot better in bed. I'm thinking about continuing to see him even after I am married.

— Loral, 26

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