Holiday Frolics

Well, let's see. My best friend has the hottest cousin ever. He only comes up once in the summer and once during Christmas. We hook up and it's amazing. He still is one of the best I have ever been with, even though he is six years older than I am. Well, on one of his summer trips, he brought his girlfriend up. I thought, "Oh well, I guess I won't be seeing him." Boy, was I wrong. He pulled me aside when his girlfriend wasn't around. He kissed me up the side of my arm to my neck and then whispered in my ear, "Remember Christmas?" That had been that last time we had hooked up. Then he decided to give me the best kiss ever. I stopped him so we wouldn't get caught. I said that we'd have to wait until later that night. I felt kind of guilty because he had his girlfriend up here at the time, but I was playing him for the same thing. So, I didn't really care. Then just as we planned, he put his girlfriend to bed since everyone had been drinking. After she was asleep, he came back to the party. As the party started to slowly die, we drifted off together to another part of the house. Well, all I can say is that I can't wait for my Christmas gift this year.

— Dori, 20

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