Bathroom Break

One time, I was sitting in school. I was in twelfth grade and had a huge crush on this guy. He was so amazingly hot and had the nicest body. So, he went to the bathroom and I went right after he had left. I met up with him the hallway, and I told him I liked him a lot and thought he was very hot. He kept going to the bathroom, and I went right in behind him. In the men's bathroom, we both went into a stall and started kissing. After about ten minutes, the math teacher came in looking for him. The teacher was calling him, but he didn't respond. We just kept going at it. We had sex in the bathroom stall. About twenty minutes later, we both went back to class. When we walked into the classroom, the teacher said to us, "Did we have a good time?" We both got kicked out of school for having sex in public.

— Lola, 21

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