Suspicious Marks

A couple summers ago, I joined my best friend and her family for their annual family reunion. Her cousin, Max, and I had been talking and sort of dating for a while, but it was nothing serious. All three of us would stay out until about 1:00 or 2:00 AM just talking, bowling, and hanging out. On the last night, after a day of jet skiing, we decided to take it easy and stay in our rooms. We were watching a movie on a small DVD player. So, I held the player while Max was on one side and my friend, Nancy, was on the other. During the movie, Max and I were doing some heavy petting. He kept going further and further up my thigh. Halfway through the movie, my friend fell asleep, but Max and I continued to pet each other under the covers. When the movie ended, we moved to my bed. Being the first time a boy and I were alone in a room, I was nervous but also excited about what was to come. He leaned over, kissed me, and the rest just got better. We made out and it got pretty hot and heavy. At one point, he had to turn on the air conditioner to the coldest setting. I felt him getting really excited, so I had to pull him away as much as I didn't want to. It's one thing to make out with your best friend's cousin while she is there, but it is another to have sex with him. To this day, she does not know anything that went on, although I do think she suspected something when she saw the hickeys on me the next day!

— Ingrid, 19

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