Friends Reunite

There was this guy, Mark, in high school who always bugged me and had the biggest crush on me. He left our freshman year and no one ever heard of him again. Then during our graduation ceremony, I saw him in the crowd smiling at me. I was so shocked when I saw him because he had changed so much and had gotten so much cuter. Well, we couldn't find anywhere we could sit and talk, so we went to my house. Somehow his shirt got dirty, so I went to go get him my boyfriend's shirt. When I saw his biceps, I seriously could have fainted. I ran my finger along his chest. Then he leaned in to kiss me, but I couldn't wait. I knew someone would come home soon, so I pushed him on the couch, and kissed him aggressively. We really started to get into it. I knew someone would catch us downstairs, so I led him up to my room. We didn't quite make it there. We ended up having sex in the hallway. Then I heard someone come in. It was my best friend. But Mark and I just went on anyway. After a few moments, she surprisingly joined in. In just moments, all three of us were completely naked and about to have the greatest sex ever.

— Doreen, 19

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