Try It!

My husband of almost thirty years has asked me many times over the years to include another man in our sex life, and have a threesome. I have always been dead set against it, mostly because of my fears about my body. I am fifty-two and overweight. That all changed one night. My husband asked if he could tie me down and take me. We have done this off and on over the years and it's a turn on for both of us. I agreed and allowed myself to be tied down. Before I knew it, he pulled his razor out and shaved me as smooth as a new born baby. We were in this playful period when his friend walked right into our room. It seems they had set this up and my husband sent a short text message to his friend while in the bathroom getting his razor. The two men played with me and then took me several times. The threesome was not at all bad as I had feared; I actually enjoyed the evening. Since then, we have had the friend over several times and my husband does not have to tie me down to get me into the threesome. I would have said yes years ago if I knew then what I have learned now. My advice to you ladies: try it if your husband asks. It is fun!

— Bonnie, 51

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