I've been with my boyfriend, Richard, for about a year and a half. I've never cheated on him and don't intend to as I love him very much. We have a very active sexual life and always are willing to try new things. One night, I went over to his house. His parents, two sisters, brother, and other relatives were there for a party. He and I were on one of his sisters' beds watching a movie. His siblings and cousins were seated on the floor in front of the bed watching the movie with us. My boyfriend is very affectionate. So, he lay behind me and cuddled and kissed me during the movie. At one point, I got really horny and started playing around with him without having anyone notice us. He got so turned on by this that we secretly started to have sex right there. We had to move slowly so that nobody would notice, and we had to hold our moans. It was the riskiest thing we have ever done! I'm not proud of doing it because that's pretty dirty considering that there were others in the room, but it's one of the things we've done that I will never forget. I love this man to death and am engaged to him. We plan to get married next summer.

— Sarah, 19

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