Hot Tub Hanky Panky

I have my friend and her husband, Mark, over all the time and we go in my hot tub. Mark has been fondling me every time we are in there with them. It's amazing that neither my husband nor his wife realizes that Mark is playing between my legs every time, and I mean every time! Somehow one night, Mark was able to bring me to climax and I had to turn my head so no one could tell. It felt so good and it's just very exciting to have someone touching me without anyone knowing. Sometimes my husband tries to fondle me also, and that just turns me on even more knowing that both men are trying to pleasure me. Mark has to be careful not to have his hand there at the same time, but he has managed so far. Mark's wife has a slight suspicion that something is going on, but she can't be sure. That actually makes it more fun! A lot of times, Mark will be going at it while turning to look at something his wife or my husband is pointing out to him. It's just been too much fun each time and I don't plan on stopping! Mark loves it and we talk about it all the time; looking forward to the next! I'm getting aroused just typing this confession!

— Jamie, 32

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