It was my then boyfriend's birthday. He was turning twenty-one, and I was home from college. So, the next day early in the morning, he went to drop me off at the bus station. We were there about thirty minutes early, so we stayed in his van. He started telling me not go and that he was going to miss me. Before I knew it, we were in the back of his van. We were lying there half-naked kissing and groping each other. Five minutes later, we heard a car approach. His hand was still in my lower area when we went quiet. We figured we'd get caught, so we got back to the front. He said he would take the day off and drive me to school. So, I said cool. We got to campus and I took him to the bars. Needless to say, after two and a half long islands, I was having trouble walking straight. We got to my apartment and we started making out. I remember running my hands through his hair and sucking on his neck fiercely like there was some animal waiting to come out. He quickly undressed me, while still kissing my lips. I lay there naked, and he made his way down, giving me my first oral sex experience. I told him to be gentle since it was my first time. It was a wonderful experience. When he finished, I made my way up since he was lying on his back, and we began kissing passionately. Slowly he signaled me to return the favor. This was my first sexual experience, and all I have to say is wow! I still think about that day like it was just yesterday. When you have that much chemistry, the sex is so hot!

— Erika, 25

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