Party Secrets

My best friend, my boyfriend, and I went to a great Halloween rave. My boyfriend, Jim, wore a white pimp suit with the big hat and all. My friend, Jenny, and I were his hookers. We looked hot and super slutty. The rave was really huge with a lot of great, wild outfits. I got really drunk and snuck off from my boyfriend. I was dancing up on a platform with some people when I noticed two really cute black guys looking up my skirt. I invited them up to dance with me. We ended up in a back room and had great sex for a really long time. Later, I found my boyfriend and Jenny. We stopped at an all-night place to eat, and my boyfriend noticed I didn't have any panties on. I told him I must have left them in the bathroom. He's such a sucker, he believed me. Jenny later asked me If I hooked up with anyone because she knew I had disappeared for quite a while. I told her that I had. She said she also had, and that they took her panties, too.

— Beverly, 21

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