Happy Endings

Although this happened a few years ago, I remember it as though it occurred yesterday. Shortly after I graduated from high school, my senior English teacher invited those of us who had been in his class for a party. As a student, I had sort of had a crush on him. So, naturally I went. We all had a great time. Midway through the evening, my former teacher took me aside and told me how great I looked and that he wanted to see me again now that I was no longer a student. I was thrilled, but asked him about his wife. He told me they were separated. So, I agreed to come over again the next day. I was on cloud nine. The next day I did my hair, applied some makeup, and put on a really short, sexy dress. I was really nervous when I got to his house, but I didn't want to miss this opportunity. I rang the bell and my former teacher invited me in. He looked me over approvingly and then we sat on the couch. I had been concerned that I might not meet his expectations, but I guess I didn't have to worry. We talked at first, but soon he leaned over and nuzzled my neck. My whole body tingled. From there, things escalated quickly as we made our way to his bedroom. I have to admit, it felt really strange to be in the same bed his wife had shared with him. But, I quickly got over it, and we had sex several times. When we were finished, we just laid in each other's arms for the longest time. That was the beginning, but it wasn't the end. Because you see, he eventually divorced his wife, and we got married about two years later. We've been married for ten years and have three wonderful kids.

— Kendra, 32

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