Doing Husband and Two Buddies

After doing a few threesomes with my husband and one of his friends, my husband decided that we needed one more. So, on a recent Saturday night, my husband, our regular third partner, and his younger brother came to our house. The three men were in the living room watching football. I walked into the room wearing my tightest little sundress. I sat on the couch between my husband and his friend's brother. He was about five years younger than me and very attractive. I could hardly keep my clothes on as I sat there between both of them. My husband's friend came into the room just a moment later and sat on a chair in the corner. We all talked for a few minutes, but it didn't take long for the conversation to turn to sex. We all knew what I wanted. My husband pulled me back across this lap and held me down. I pretended to resist. At this point, I was very excited about being naked in front of three very good looking men. Soon they had their hands all over me, and I loved every minute of it. The four of us had sex for about three hours before my mother called me to come pick up the kids. We all plan on doing this again real soon.

— Tiffany, 36

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