Spanking Father-In-Law

I am a divorcee from Canada. I did not get along with my husband primarily because I was almost insatiable in bed and even though I was loyal to him, he thought otherwise. My father-in-law, who had chosen me as his son's wife, remained in touch throughout the divorce. He often visited me when he was in town and we generally did have a good time together. One day, he called me and told me he would be coming to town and since his place of work was close to my flat, could he stay over? I said yes and prepared the additional guest room for him. He duly came in the morning and we left for work together. He promised to have dinner with me, so I decided to come home from work early. I don't know what prompted me to put on all my makeup and additional things; I prepared as if it was a date. I chose to wear a black loose T-shirt with one shoulder torn. As I opened the door for him, I could see his appreciation at my efforts. He too, got ready and came out. He suggested mixing drinks before we left, so I made a drink for him. While drinking it, he let go of the bombshell, "You know, you told me frankly about your marital problems and now looking at you, I think if my son could not satisfy you, he was not really fit for you," he said and winked. I smiled and said, "So what kind of man is fit for me?" "A man like me," he replied. I shivered. He was a well-built man in his early sixties. I smiled and averted my eyes, "And what type of a man are you?" "The type who loves a woman as attractive as you are when she is dressed like this, and then takes her to bed until he is satisfied." I shivered and stood before him, before finally having the courage to speak, "But you have not taken me before." "Because you are my daughter-in-law," he said, putting his drink glass down. "Not anymore; we are divorced, remember?" I said. He needed no second bidding. He pulled me in his arms, put his big hands on my butt, and kissed me full mouthed. I tried to push him away, but he just held my hair and again forced his lips on mine, making mine bleed. "Ouch, you animal," I said and pushed him away. Then I realized that my T-shirt was torn down further and my breasts were inviting my father-in-law. In my mind came the idea that my father-in-law had shown submissiveness to me many times. Soon, I shouted at him, "How dare you talk like this!" His courage flew away. He said, "Did I say something wrong?" I went near my father-in-law and said "Yes, you have. Speak it again and you will get punished." He asked, "What kind of punishment?" I said, "Pull down your jeans and I will spank you on your bare bottom." I saw flash in his eye, so I grabbed him and pulled him down to my knees. I ordered him to get naked, pulled him onto my knees, and started giving him a spanking. I was spanking him by hand very severely and the intensity of pain was reflected by him saying, "Please mistress, forgive me. I will not misbehave like this in the future." I shouted, "You slave. I will spank you for your whole life and make you my slave." My father-in-law spoke while sobbing, "I will do what you want my mistress, but please stop now." I paddled him for a while longer, and then I said, "Stand up, my slave," and he got on his feet. I took his manhood in my hand, which was large. He was standing like an obedient child and I said, "From today on, I own you and you are my slave for the rest of your life. You have to satisfy me; otherwise, I'll satisfy your bare butt. Do you understand, my slave?" "Yes, mistress," was his reply. I said, "Now give me good sex, my slave." But in that moment I knew I had taken on a challenge that I was bound to lose. "You are really great," he said. "My son should have never left you." He began to have amazing sex with me. From that day on, my father-in-law has become my slave and gives me very good sex. I spank him at my wish. He is my houseboy and fulfills all my needs. My poor father-in-law is under the control of his dominating daughter-in-law.

— Tonya, 40

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