The Truth About Marching Band

We were on our way to a band competition. On the bus ride there, the guy I have had a crush on for about a year and a half, who is also the best friend I have ever had, held my hand. I was so happy. Then during the award ceremonies, he and I stayed on the bus after everyone had changed and left. After a while he kissed me. I was so ecstatic. It drove me crazy just being around him. On the bus ride home, it was dark outside and the bus lights were off. The whole time while he was talking to people around us, he was again rubbing my legs. Then he took his jacket off because it was "hot" on the bus. However, I was freezing, so I used his jacket as a blanket. After a while, when everyone started to doze off, he started getting fresh under the jacket. At first, I objected because I didn't want to be felt up on a school bus. But he was getting me so excited that I gave in and said okay. Let me tell you, it was the thing he had been waiting to do since the day he met me in freshman year. The whole time he was feeling me up, the person in the seat in front of us kept trying to see what was going on. It was so exciting that it was going on right in front of everyone. Just the thrill of maybe getting caught made it even more exciting. So, that's what really goes on with the marching band.

— Renee, 19

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