Teaching More Than Math

I am a math teacher, and a few weeks ago I had something happen which was totally unexpected. One of my students is a really good person, but was struggling in my course. In order to help him, I invited him to my home for some extra tutoring. We set up an appointment, and he came over about 9:00 on the appointed evening. I introduced him to my husband, and then we started our tutoring session. Now, perhaps I should explain. Jordan, my student, has a smile that can light up a room. He has deep blue eyes, and is very good looking. At one point as we were going through a problem, Jordan put his hand on my leg. Perhaps I should have made him remove his hand, but I didn't. A couple of minutes later, he started to squeeze and then stroke my inner thigh. I told him maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Jordan, instead of moving his hand, just continued the stroking, and told me how he always enjoyed looking at my legs in the classroom. I think I blushed. Around this time, my husband came in and told us that he was headed for bed. My husband could not see where Jordan had his hand, and he never stopped stroking me while I was talking to my husband. My husband left to go to bed. I tried to resume our math discussion, but at that point I was feeling warm and flushed. Then Jordan leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I was surprised, but did not resist. He quickly followed that up with a second kiss, and I actively responded. I was quickly losing all control. Things were moving very fast, but at that point, Jordan really had me in a state of lust. He had me sit on the edge of the couch and he satisfied me orally. But, we both wanted more. He undressed and then quickly united with me. I was in heaven but had to be careful not to be too loud for fear of waking my husband. He felt so good. We then cuddled for quite a while until it came time for Jordan to leave. Jordan and I are still lovers, and I always look forward to his visits.

— Roxanne, 33

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