Lending A Helping Hand

Two years ago, I moved in with my sister and her husband. She was pregnant and needed some extra help around the house. I had recently gotten divorced and needed a place to live. One day, my sister and I were talking about sex. She was not having relations with her husband at that point because of risk factors. I jokingly told her I should take care of Maury, her husband, because it was apparent that both of us had been going without sex for quite a while. Imagine my shock when the next day she suggested I should actually sleep with Maury. At first I refused, but she went on to tell me that she trusted me, and that Maury and I could help each other out. Besides, she had talked it over with her husband and they had mutually decided it would be okay. So, that night my sister slept in the guest bedroom, and I went to the master bedroom with her husband. I was very nervous at first. However, he was very kind and gentle. It wasn't long before my body was responding to his stimulations. I should mention that if this had been my ex-husband, he would have already been finished and asleep. But Maury was taking me to new levels of pleasure. My body was shaking as he finally united with me, and that lasted a long time, too. We finally drifted off to sleep with our bodies intertwined. That was the first time, but certainly not the last. I still live with my sister and her husband. Although my sister is the legal wife, both of us fulfill that role for Maury. Right now we are a family of four, but pretty soon our family will increase to six. My sister and I are both pregnant. It's wonderful.

— Elizabeth, 26

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