Older Men Can Fool You

On Veterans' Day, I had a few too many drinks too early in the day. So, I decided to walk them off with a few laps around the block. As I was on the second lap, I saw Mr. Roberts out on his porch. He's an older man that I've known for many years who lives around the corner. He is a Vietnam veteran. He is tall and a bit too heavy to still look good, but he is really a nice guy. I stopped to talk to him for a few minutes, and I told him that many of us younger people appreciate what veterans have done for our country and the sacrifices they made. He thanked me and invited me in for a glass of tea. I accepted, and we went in and continued our conversation. He really is a nice guy, but I image he hasn't been with a woman for some time. He's always helping people in the neighborhood, but almost all the women but me are married. He would never hit on them. Due to our age difference (he's about double my age), I'm sure he'd never hit on me. But I had a plan, probably because I still had a little too much wine in me. On this Veteran's Day, I was going to properly thank this veteran for his service. If you think it is easy for a physically fit and attractive woman to seduce a man twice her age, you're right. At first he was hesitant. But once I let him know that I really wanted to do this, a team of wild horses couldn't have held him back. Let me tell you, I'm not extremely promiscuous, but I've been with quite a few men in the last dozen or so years. Nothing prepared me for the experience I was about to have. He is the first man who ever worshipped my body and my womanhood in ways I had never imagined. He was gentle, loving, and engaged in the most provocative foreplay for the longest time. Finally, we were joined as one, and he made love to me in the most beautiful, spiritual, gentle manner I'd ever known, until he was about to drive me crazy. I had several orgasms, but the last one was the "Mother of All Orgasms". We had laid there cuddling for quite a while when I asked him where he had learned to make love like that. He said he had been stationed in the Far East for five years in different countries and had studied Buddhism as well as the Kama Sutra for many years. That was the first time I had ever experienced multiple orgasms, but not the last. I've been back to Mr. Robert's twice a week since Veterans' Day.

— Rebecca, 29

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