An Affair To Remember, The Prologue

The prologue to the confession "An Affair To Remember" is: I just found out that my partner of four years had been cheating on me for the last eighteen months. One of the times he was with the other woman was the exact day I was on the training course and met my sexy friend! So, my partner and I split up and he moved out within days. I had just about forgotten the name of the sexy guy I had met, and tried to put him completely out of my mind, but something drew me to email him to update him what had happened. To my incredible surprise, he emailed straight back and said that he had just separated from his wife, who he also suspected had affairs, just two months ago. So now we have exchanged flirty texts and messages again, and have set a date for next week to meet and start up where we left off. I feel like a teenager again, going on my first date in years and at least I can look to my old 'confession' and remember what I saw in him in the first place. Watch this space!

— Roseanne, 35

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