Lending a Friend a Hand

A mutual friend of my husband and I recently lost his wife in an accident. The four of us were very close friends, but there was never anything sexual. In fact, we rarely ever discussed it among the four of us. When Tanya died, Lenny just seemed out of it. We all mourned her loss. Then one day, Lenny stopped by the house to talk to my husband. He was not home. For the first time, Lenny opened up about his sexual frustrations. He had not had sex for over eight months. We talked for a while longer, and I began to feel sorry for Lenny. One thing led to another, and we ended up making out on my couch. There was lots of touching and feeling. At this point, I was completely aroused, but still had my senses. I was not going to go all the way. So, I just pulled down Lenny's pants and began to masturbate him. I really wanted to be with him, but I held myself back. As soon as he was done climaxing, I grabbed my shirt and bra and ran into the bathroom to clean up. He did the same. He thanked me and left a few minutes later. He seemed to be much more relaxed when he left.

— Gail, 38

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