He's So Worth It

My girlfriend and I went to a local block party in her neighborhood. She was really well known and popular. So, we were running into a lot of people she knew. While walking around, she pointed out this really cute guy. She said his name was Randy and that he was one of the most sought after guys in the neighborhood. His family came from money, and he hosted all of the best parties. She and he had never gotten anything on, but she was really interested. As I was looking at him, he turned and began to look at me. My girlfriend assumed he was looking at her, so she dragged me over to where he was. He was with one of his friends, who was also pretty hot, and we began to talk. Randy was talking to her but looking at me. I could barely pay attention to what his friend was saying. Somehow, we agreed that he'd have us picked up to go to a local club. That night, the car picked us up, and we were looking really hot. The guys were there, and Randy took my hand and kissed it. My girlfriend laughed and pulled his hand away to pull him into the club. I walked in with his friend. We were all drinking and enjoying ourselves when I went to the bathroom. I was in there alone, at least I thought I was, when the door opened and in walked Randy. I only said, "Dude, this is the ladies room. You're going to get in trouble." He said, "No, I'm not. My friend is watching the door." With that, he pulled me against him, backed me up on to the wall, and began to use that brand new tongue ring in some very interesting ways! After about ten minutes, I decided we needed to be a little less conspicuous. So, I made him leave and find my girlfriend while I went to the front of the club and waited. I told him to tell my girlfriend he had seen me leave with his friend and that he was going to the car to get a bottle of liquor. She was drunk, so I knew she'd go for it. We went to the car and had some steamy fun. My girlfriend still doesn't know that he and I got it on, but since I don't visit there anymore, it's never been an issue. She's still interested in him, and she told me she's going to have him one day. If only I could tell her that he's so worth it!

— Corrine, 26

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