It's Taboo

I'll get right to it then, since I'm a whole lot turned on from reading other people's dirty confessions! I'm a young female that loves to watch my sister play with my boyfriend's manhood. Over time, my sister has developed a crush on him since we've been hanging together. Every time we'd go swimming together and we were all alone, she would privately bugged the crap out of me to let her see his manhood. At the time, I just blew her off about it, however I've got to admit the fact that the thought of her wanting to do such a thing kind of got me excited. Then, one day we were swimming in the pool and I decided I'd try and talk him into showing it to her. With a little reluctance, he let her see it. A few days after that encounter, she bugged us again to see it, so we did. She wanted to touch it, so I gave in and we let her have her way on that too. Over time, her touching has developed into a blissful hand job for him and a likewise fascination for me. The only way I know to say it is, it's such an intense sexual thing for me to watch my sister get turned on by this. Moreover, to see his face as she pleasures him. I love it!

— Kathy, 19

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