Husband Control

My husband used to be an unruly, uncontrollable man until the day I caught him pleasuring himself while he was wearing a pair of my panties. That's right; my tough husband was wearing my pink floral panties and doing it. I saw this as my chance to take control and get him in line. No more bar nights with his buddies. He now wears pretty panties every day to work, the store, and the doctor's office. Often when I come home from work, if he has beaten me home he is required to have dinner ready. He has to serve dinner while he is wearing a pink skirt, floral print garter belt, matching bra, panty set, and his pretty high heels I bought for him. He has gotten so good at it now and is so enthusiastic to please me. I also spank him on a regular basis. My best friends know and have seen him in his outfit. He no longer talks back to me; he only asks to please me. Sometimes when he is on his way to work, I make him put pantyhose on instead of panties. He sleeps in nighties and has more pretty bras than I do. My girlfriends love to tease him. I make him wear pretty girl jeans in public; I make sure they are nice and tight and show his panty lines. I take him shopping and make him admit to the sales girls that the things we are buying are for him. One time, my friends and I were all swimming in our pool and my husband came outside. My sexy female friend stopped him in his tracks and pushed him back inside. Five minutes later, they came back out the door and my husband was wearing a bright floral one piece swim suit. All the girls cheered and it was evident he liked wearing it. So, little panty sissies, be careful; if you're caught wearing, this may happen to you.

— Renee, 41

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