My Best Friend's Man

My girlfriend would never believe that I'm having an affair with her husband. I can hardly believe it myself. But, that is exactly what is happening. It all started when I was telling her about a problem I was having with my computer. She suggested that Gary, her husband, could take a look at the problem since he works with computers at his job. Gary came over a couple of days later. As it turned out, he was familiar with the problem and quickly fixed it. At this point, things quickly spun out of control. Perhaps I should explain that I've always enjoyed flirting with Gary. He has a great sense of humor and is just fun to be around. What I did not expect on this day was that suddenly our playful flirting turned very serious. We started kissing. We were kissing like crazy, and then he unbuttoned my shirt. I knew I was being disloyal to my girlfriend, but at this point I didn't care. As Gary explored me with his hands and lips, I was quivering and shaking with desire. Somehow we made it to my bed where Gary and I fulfilled our desire for each other. He satisfied me in ways that I had never before experienced. Afterwards, as we were cuddling and chatting, his wife/my girlfriend, called him on his cell phone to ask how things were going. He told her that it would take another couple of hours to fix my computer. It was the perfect answer because we then made love once again. My girlfriend does not know that her husband and I are lovers. He now has a key to my apartment, and he visits me frequently. I always make myself available to him.

— Gloria, 25

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