Dirty Little Secret

Yesterday at work, I was made fun of by my coworkers about the hickeys I had on my neck. The night before, we did have a great party shaking our booties and getting our buzz on. However, after the party I gave a ride home to some of my male friends and a couple of girls that I didn't know. Anyways, after dropping the guys off, I took the girls to their place. When we got there they ask me to come in and see their apartment, so I did. Shortly after we were inside, one of the girls said she wanted to kiss me for getting them home safely, so I didn't object. However, she kissed me a deep when I was only expecting a smooch on the cheek! At first, I was shocked and didn't quite know how to respond. I have never kissed another girl like that ever and never in a million years thought I ever would, but they tag teamed me and seduced me. I have never experienced anything so erotic before and they were amazingly soft and sexy. Moreover, I ended up making out with those two girls the rest of the night. No sex mind you, just kissing. Afterwards, I made it home got a shower and hurried to work. I totally don't think I am gay just because I made out with a couple of girls, and it will probably never happen again. My dirty little secret is I can't believe I am carrying around hickeys from another girl, well girls!!

— Laura, 20

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