Tempted Beyond Resistance

What I'm going to tell you happened over a year ago. But, I still cannot forget what happened. I was going to attend the wedding of a friend of mine, and at the last minute my husband announced he had to go out of town. I was extremely disappointed and upset. He claimed he could not delay his departure, which meant I either had to stay at home or go to the wedding by myself. I didn't like either option, but decided to go alone for the sake of my friend. At the reception after the wedding, I was sitting alone and feeling sorry for myself when a gentleman maybe ten years older than me asked if the chair next to me was available. It was, and we started talking. His name was John, and he was a cousin of the groom. The band was playing some nice dance music, so he asked me if I would like to dance, and I told him I would enjoy that. He was a very good dancer, and by the third or fourth dance, he started holding me very close. When the band took a break, we decided to take a walk outside. We walked, and he put his arm around me and pulled me close. Although I was still angry with my husband, I did tell John that I was married. He said he understood, and I felt better knowing that he knew I was not available. We continued to walk and talk. At one point, he stopped, turned to me, and gently kissed me on the lips. It was very sensual, and I really enjoyed it. But I told John that I could not do anything more than kiss him. We walked further, and kissed some more. But that was all, although he held me very close to him as we walked. As we headed back to the reception, John asked me if I would enjoy going somewhere for a cup of coffee. I quickly agreed. We went to his car, and he opened the door for me so I could get in. He got in and leaned over to once again kiss me. At this point, I was really enjoying his kisses, and in the semi-privacy of his car we had a long, lingering kiss. We snuggled and kissed for a long time. When his hands began to wander, I didn't object. My entire body began to tingle. The thing is, John kept kissing and arousing me with his hands. Finally, I wanted to be satisfied. I told John I wanted him to come home with me for the night. So, that is exactly what we did. A short drive, and he parked in my garage so nobody would see a strange car in my driveway. We spent the night satisfying each other. The next day, we reluctantly parted, but we still meet whenever my husband is traveling. I hate being disloyal to him, but I enjoy the passion which John gives me too much.

— Annette, 29

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