Secrets From Wilder Days

This is my secret. During college, I took a year off to travel and have fun. I contacted my parents regularly by phone. About my third day of travels, I was in northern Nevada in a bar having a drink when a lady approached me. Her offer was to make good money and have fun doing it. During more conversation, I learned she was a pimp recruiting for a brothel. Feeling adventurous, I took her up on her offer. She took me to a brothel to meet the Madam. I was accepted. The Madam sent me for a physical exam. Then I had to register as a prostitute with the Sheriff. I was in business and stayed for over a year before going back to college. Then, as a teacher in a high school, I was always sizing up the male students as to how much they might have. During my five years of teaching, I only had sex with six students, and all of them were legal age. When I married, I quit teaching to become a housewife. Now, twenty years later, I still have my secrets from my wild days in a brothel.

— Cynthia, 45

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