A Steamy Massage

I had just broken up with my boyfriend of a year-and-a-half. I was at a friend's party when I saw one of the hottest guys ever. We started playing drinking games together and ended up doing body shots. Later, we ended up in an upstairs bedroom just talking. I found out that he was a professional massage therapist, and he agreed to give me a full-body massage if I would give him a massage. He started out on my neck, shoulders, and upper back. As he moved lower, he slowly managed to remove my blouse and started kissing my lower back. I grabbed a hold of his shirt and pulled him closer to kiss him. It was the most passionate kiss I have had. Slowly, he continued his message, continuing with my stomach as he then worked his way down and unbuttoned my pants so he could massage my inner thighs. He started kissing me again and gave me oral. Next, it was my turn. I had never given a massage to anyone before, so he led me through it. As I worked my way down, I ripped off each piece of clothing he was wearing. I returned the favor by giving him oral. I kissed my way up him. We had the most passionate and mind blowing sex I have ever had. One year later, we were married and still have passionate, mind-blowing sex each night.

— Gracie, 25

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